The Campaign of Unity Party of America Candidate Rebecca Keltie will be having its 2020 Volunteer Launch on Saturday morning, January 11, 2020 in Colorado Springs!

Email Campaign Director Bill Hammons at or text 303-819-6141 to sign up! Internship opportunities also available!

2019 Volunteer Launch

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    Patrick Carleton

    Keltie, even with just a few days left, we can have your digital ads delivering just to the individual households on your list within about 3 hours after we have the list, ads, landing page, and budget.

    IP Targeting – we patented it and are the only company in the world who can do it. Our one-to-one digital hypertargeting technology is known to be the most important part of GOTV voter contact in the final days leading up to the polls.

    Think of IP Targeting as the Postal Service of the internet – literally the most hypertargeted digital advertising in the world by at least 10-fold. We deliver your digital ads just it to the people inside of specific targeted addresses on your voter file with surgical accuracy while they browse the internet.

    Ultimately we’ll need your voter address file and budget, so feel free to email that back and we’ll match the file through our system, return the matches, and let you know how far the budget will get us.

    I’m available:
    Sun 11/01 & Mon 11/02: after 9am MT

    You can also give me a call or text to the number below, or let me know what time works best for a call.

    To victory on Nov. 3!
    Patrick Carleton
    SVP, El Toro

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