The Unity Party of America’s Rebecca Keltie Will Fight To:

  1. Defend our 1st Amendment rights by defending the 2nd Amendment
  2. Defend the 2nd Amendment and promote access to gun safety programs
  3. Reform Tricare to better serve Active Duty, Retired Military and Families
  4. Make Term Limits a top priority (“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”)
  5. Stop the US Government’s STEALING from the Social Security Trust Fund
  6. Make Student Loans available with very low interest rates > no profiteering!
  7. Promote Stem Cell Research which brought her back from brink of despair, forcing insurance companies to cover it
  8. Support America’s Bravest by supporting more research on prevention of the cancers Firefighters are disproportionately suffering from
  9. Support Veterans retiring from the military interested in firefighting with transition programs which will help understaffed Fire Departments
  10. Jerusalem should indeed be the capital of Israel and Israel only (Rebecca is a minister ordained by the Universal Life Church).
  11. Support legal immigration and secure borders. The Immigration process and departments have been broken for decades and must be reformed
  12. Support a fiscally responsible government. Overspending and overreach both need to be capped and blanket spending needs to end
  13. Support the ability for all Americans to have more control over their and their families’ lives without unnecessary harassment. Americans are some of the most educated people on Planet Earth > a government that is too large and possessing the ability to derail anyone at any time, even without reason, is unacceptable
  14. Support assisting countries in dire need on their soil but only after our own people have been taken care of
  15. Support a patriotic American society which includes the people in government decisions, not excludes them

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    Hello Rebecca I seen you at guns for everyone I would like you to expand on your policies stated in your platform

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      Hi Garret! Sure! I’m open and frank on everything. What would you like me to expound upon?

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    Hello, Rebecca. I looked at your policies and, while of course I don’t agree with every single one, someone sticking up for veterans and the disabled is one of the biggest things we need in our structure. More third party people with their heads in the right places is our only hope as a nation. I wish you luck on your campaign!

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    Hi Keltie, I like your stance on a lot of the issues you’ve listed. I have to ask, why are you running on the Unity ticket? Did you try to primary Doug or do you not wish to identify with the GOP?

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