Recent News Items About the Rebecca Keltie for US Congress Campaign:
  1. Unity Party’s Bill Hammons to run Rebecca Keltie’s congressional campaign
  2. Congressman Doug Lamborn Has New Opponent in 2020 Election
  3. Unity Party’s Rebecca Keltie to take on Doug Lamborn for Congress

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    Chris Mydock

    Rebecca Keltie is a true American born to Unite. Knowing her for 35 years she has always been an individual to mediate and unite folks from both walks of life and always able to bring us together to smile and charge towards a better life. I can honestly tell you from the heart that Colorado has a hidden gem in Rebecca Keltie and what she can bring as a Congressional leader in your districts. Do not cast your vote without knowing more about this incredible woman and proud Naval Veteran. Keltie for Congress!! #UnityParty #Forward

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