1. Rebecca Keltie, Candidate
  2. Bill Hammons, Campaign Director
  3. Eric Bodenstab, Communications Director (719) 800-1604
  4. Michelle Novak, Treasurer
  5. Brian West, Senior Policy Advisor (719) 528-6672
  6. Carie Seagram, Field Director
  7. Jen Wilkinson-Dimas, Field Organizer
  8. Kathy Perkins, Volunteer Coordinator

Keltie for Congress Volunteers:

  1. Courtney B. > El Paso County
  2. Leslie O.
  3. Kellie V. > El Paso County
  4. Ally R.
  5. Shatic B. > El Paso County
  6. Sara L. > El Paso County
  7. Jennifer N. > El Paso County
  8. Thomas M. > El Paso County
  9. Laura B. > El Paso County
  10. Juniper W. > El Paso County
  11. Steven C. > El Paso County
  12. Larry D. > El Paso County
  13. CM S. > El Paso County
  14. Mike H. > El Paso County
  15. William R. > El Paso County
  16. Karen A. > El Paso County
  17. Andrew G. > El Paso County
  18. Julian S. > El Paso County

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    DIANN Butlak

    Details in her background are sorely missing. 21 years in the Navy and mother of two is NOT very comprehensive. What Navy schools, training, assignments? What has she been doing since leaving Navy? When did she leave the Navy? How long has she lived in El Paso county, and what has she done in the community? I’m skeptical that she is only a vanity candidate without some actual meat as to what she’s accomplished and the chances she might see success based on that education and experience.

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