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Make Your Keltie Connection!

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Welcome to the website of Colorado Springs veteran Rebecca Keltie, Unity Party of America candidate for US Congress running to unseat Congressional District 5 US Representative Doug Lamborn!

Make a full Keltie Connection by volunteering for and donating to the Keltie for Congress campaign today!

Media Inquiries should be directed to Keltie for Congress Communications Director Eric Bodenstab @ (719) 800-1604.

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  1. keltie2020

    Rebecca, your new site is now up and running!

  2. Avatar

    Great Site! Bill is the best! Voting for Keltie!

  3. Avatar

    Looking forward to the kick off on Thursday! Please blast details.


    1. keltie2020

      Will do and thank you. We’ll consider you confirmed.

  4. Avatar

    Count me in!

  5. Avatar

    Thanks for running Ms. Keltie. Hope you win!

  6. Avatar

    Are you a Trump supporter?

    1. keltie2020

      Good morning! Rebecca will be supporting the Unity Party of America nominees for President and Vice President.

      For the latest on the Unity Party Presidential race, please see

    2. keltie2020

      Directly from the candidate:

      Answer on Do I Support Trump:

      I support the President of the United States no matter who they are. I may not always agree with them but I support the Office most definitely. As a 2nd amendment supporter I appreciate his stance. I definitely like that unemployment is at its lowest and people are back to work. As a Veteran I also appreciate his taking good care of our military and Veterans. It’s been long over due that they have someone that truly stands behind them. However, as the highest ranking member of the military, I do wish he would mind his behavior better and lead more by example. Curbing his sometimes blatant impulsiveness would definitely help him in the short and long run that is for sure. It also shows my military peeps a better way of handling things without needing to go overboard. I also wish he would take Americas responsibility of the Oceans more seriously. People of the world seem to treat them like a waste-ground, a literal trash dump, and that is something that must be changed asap.

      If I could give him one small bit of advice it would be that he should remember that he isn’t the President of just Republicans but of the entire United States and that includes all the people. He has room for improvement and listening to all sides and in-between would be key.

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