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Rebecca Keltie is the focus of an ABC segment!

Welcome to the website of Colorado Springs veteran Rebecca Keltie, Unity Party of America candidate for US Congress working for ALL the People, working to UNITE, and working to FINALLY bring Common Sense Change and Action to Colorado Congressional District 5 (Pikes Peak Region)!

Make a full Keltie Connection by volunteering for and donating to the Keltie for Congress campaign today!

Media Inquiries should be directed to Keltie for Congress Communications Director Eric Bodenstab @ (719) 800-1604.

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  1. keltie2020

    Ballots are already going out! Here are just a few of the 2020 Unity Party of America Candidates:

    1. Bill Hammons for President of the United States >
    2. Eric Bodenstab for Vice President of the United States >
    3. Stephan “Chairman Seku” Evans for US Senate (Colorado) >
    4. Paul Fiorino for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District >
    5. Gary Swing for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District >
    6. Critter Milton for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District >
    7. Rebecca Keltie for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District >
    8. Jerry Burton for Colorado Senate District 33 >

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    Good afternoon, my name is Kourtney and I’m from the Fountain Valley News. I just wanted to contact you about our advertisement opportunities for the upcoming election. Our advertising rate is $5 per column inch with a $65 charge if you choose to add color to the ad. We currently have an advertisement promotion that would lower the cost though, so please feel free to email or call our office for more information regarding that promotion. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!

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